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5 Reasons to outsource IT support - India 2022

As a business owner, you are highly likely to hire employees for IT but today, many companies fill this need by outsourcing. But why? What makes outsourcing IT a better choice for many smart companies? Let's find out!


Between hiring an employee and outsourcing, outsourcing cuts down your costs by a lot! There are no monthly salaries to be paid, no bonuses, no incentives and no taxes. You control your prices and accommodate your IT budget to get on with projects and upgrades.


In-house technicians are often handymen meaning, they are good at a bunch of different things but lack the skill to be experts in one certain task. When outsourcing IT from a provider, they assign you technicians that are highly trained and experienced in one thing rather than a bunch.


In-house staff are often required to work x number of hours every day regardless they need it or not. When outsourcing IT, you only hire them when you need them and pay for that. It gives you the flexibility to hire anytime without any constraints.

Risk Control

When you outsource your IT, you have access to a team of technicians, as well as their knowledge and resources. Even if one team member doesn’t know how to solve a problem, they can connect with another team member who does and get your issue resolved quickly and painlessly without having to worry about server failures or downtimes.

Better focus

By outsourcing your IT, you can increase your focus on the tasks you do best to help your business grow and succeed.

Icare has been providing outstanding services to our clients for more than 10 years. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients are the most important part of our business, and we will do everything possible to exceed their expectations.

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